Monday, January 5, 2009

I’m not ready for this
I’m not ready yet
I’m not ready
For this ending
But it’s not over yet

I’ve been fighting against myself
And I’ve torn myself to pieces
I hear You calling,
God, I hear You calling
“Stand up, stand up And spend yourself for Jesus”

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Liz Hundley said...

I LOVE COOL HAND LUKE, and this song, especially! my favorite part is actually the beginning "every time i read that story again, i want to run and take the nails out, you remind me that these nails are mine, once and for all to the end." i think it really sets the stage for the beautiful chorus you posted here.

thanks for letting me know you updated!! :) i promise i will read the longer posts soon. for now it's off to my "Experience & Reality" philosophy class! yum yum.

much love from an old friend!